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Switches to Use with IntelliKeys

All of these switches work with IntelliKeys. They are especially useful with IntelliPics, the Coloring Books.


Buddy Buttons - Switches made by TASH
Buddy Button switches

Reliable and durable switches in a variety of colors. Press any-where on the top surface to
activate. Two threaded inserts on the bottom for mounting. Tactile and auditory feedback.

Buddy Buttons are $60 each.
Big Buddy Buttons are $62 each.

Select the switch color from below.
Specify Product Color when ordering.

$100 Minimum Order


Product Code Product Color Price  
Big Buddy Yahoo Yellow 56500 $62  
Buddy Button Happy 57720 $60  
Big Buddy Hands-On 56640 $62  
Buddy Button Hands-On 57740 $60  
Undercover Buddy Button 57800 $60  
Big Buddy Pacific Blue 66130 $62  

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